Entry #1

A Brief Introduction

2014-06-25 21:24:44 by Rayetoons

Hey Newgrounds! My name is Raye Rodriguez, and I'm an artist/animator person. I just graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Film&TV.


I love cartoons, anime and video games, and my goal is to make interesting shows that combine these different storytelling styles. Some of my favorite shows are Princess Tutu, Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, and my favorite video game series is Kingdom Hearts (the ultimate weeb and Disney-dork fantasy). I have many more favorite things though, and I will talk your ear off about them if you let me.

You can check out my art on my tumblr here:


And my YouTube account here:


Thanks for visiting my page!


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2014-07-15 15:31:50

Your work is amazing Raye! Glad to see someone like you contributing to this community. Can't wait to see more of your art/animations. :D

Rayetoons responds:

Thank you so much ; A ; <333


2014-07-17 10:52:16

First of all, congratulations on graduating!

I like your stuff so far, keep up the good work! (Also love your taste in shows and games.)


2014-07-17 18:34:59


I must ask, will we be seeing more animated Rosemary in the future? Treasure Hunt was super cute.


2014-07-19 05:42:55



2014-08-31 16:56:41

Wow, after watching Treasure Hunt, I am DYING to see more from you. ^_^